Life Size Brain Anatomy Model-OM-18

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The model is designed as a visual aid for teaching physiology and hygiene courses etc.
It helps the students understand the external features of the Organ/Body Part they are sudying, as well as the relations between the component portions.

This model facilitates the medical students to get a correct understanding of the external features of the brain and its arterial supply as a whole, as well as the relations between their component portions. External features of the brain: cerebral hemisphere,brain stem, cerebellum.The arterial supply of the brain: sources, vertebral,internal carotid arteries, arteria supply of the cerebellum and cerebrum.Made of PVC and can be separated into 8 parts. With base.

  • Contains 9 pcs.
  • Including the base.
  • Size: Lifesize
  • Made of Durable PVC Plastic Material.

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